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Sunward's "UAV Aeromagnetic Measurement System" was successfully accepted



On November 27, 2019, the Hunan Provincial Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration Institute organized experts to conduct on-site acceptance of the Shanhe "UAV Aeromagnetic Survey System" in Zhuzhou. The expert group carefully inspected the development site, listened to the report of the research group, reviewed relevant materials and conducted on-site operation tests. The acceptance experts agreed that Sunward’s "UAV Aeromagnetic Measurement System" has strong stability and practicality. Meet the requirements of "Aeronautical Magnetic Survey Technical Specifications", suitable for 1:10000~1:50000 aerial magnetic survey operations. The product has successfully passed the acceptance test and has the conditions for delivery to the user unit for aerial magnetic survey operations.

Sunward’s “UAV Aerial Magnetic Measurement System” uses an unmanned helicopter equipped with a high-precision cesium optical pump magnetometer; the unmanned helicopter has the advantages of autonomous vertical take-off and landing, low-altitude and low-speed flight, and easy completion of magnetic compensation flight, which is very suitable for complex landforms. This system uses Shanhe Feiyue’s 100kg-class unmanned helicopter as the flying platform, with a full-load life of up to 2.5h and a wind resistance level of 6; the aeromagnetic equipment uses a domestic cesium optical pump aeromagnetic measurement system with a range of 10,000 nT~100,000nT, sampling rate 1 Hz~2000Hz, static noise ≤0.005nT, dynamic noise ≤0.040nT, meeting the requirements of Class 1 equipment in "Aeronautical Magnetic Measurement Technical Specifications".

Sunward’s “UAV Aerial Magnetic Surveying System” can be widely used in geological exploration, marine mineral and petroleum exploration, submarine pipeline inspections, rescue and salvage, archaeological exploration, anti-submarine, mine detection and other fields. Previously, this system has conducted operations in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, Yantai City, Shandong Province and other areas. The operation area includes hills, plains, and seas. The test results show that the system fully meets the actual requirements of aeromagnetic survey operations. In the actual test comparison of imported products of the same type, the test results are consistent, but the cost is less than 1/2 of the imported system, the battery life is 6 times, and the actual operation efficiency can reach more than 3 times.


        Liling Aeromagnetic Survey Operation


Sea exploration

                 Aeromagnetic survey results

With the official delivery of Sunward’s “UAV Aeromagnetic Survey System” to customers, Sunward Technology will also carry out more in-depth and extensive cooperation with user units such as the Hunan Geophysical and Geochemical Survey Institute, and work together to develop more close to the actual aviation geophysical prospecting Application of high-tech products required to contribute to the development of my country's geophysical prospecting industry.


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