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"Mountains and rivers spread their wings and capture the moon in nine days" to create a new model for China's general aviation development


On April 28, 2020, Qingdao Jiutian International Flight Academy and Hunan Sunward Technology Co., Ltd. solemnly held the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement and the first batch of 20 Sunward aircraft ordering ceremony at the base of Qingdao Rizhao Jiutianfei Academy. Zhuang Guangzhi, Deputy General Manager of Rizhao Airport Company, Zhu Zhaobin, Dean of Qingdao Jiutian International Flight Academy, Lu Jifeng, Executive Deputy Dean, Chen Haibin, Deputy Operations Dean, Liu Jinjun, Director of Rizhao Base, Zou Xiangfu, General Manager of Hunan Sunward Technology, and Xiao Huangxing, Deputy General Manager, attended the signing ceremony.



Jiutianfei Academy is the first domestic flight academy to pass the CCAR-141 certification. It has a first-class flight teaching and management team. Sunward Technology is the first national brand light sports aircraft manufacturer that has obtained the airworthiness certification of the Civil Aviation Administration of China. The largest number of national enterprises in the market of aircraft types; the successful signing of the two parties is also the crystallization of in-depth exchanges between the two parties in the past three years in terms of industry experience sharing, model adaptability development, and 141 aviation school flight training; the subsequent two parties will be held Carry out in-depth cooperation in aircraft sales, maintenance, flight club and 141 flight training model cooperation to achieve win-win cooperation between the two parties.


Jiutianfei Institute purchased 20 Shanhe SA60L and SA60L-IS aircraft as the only promotion models and 141 aviation school flight training verification models deployed by the club. The first batch of aircraft will be delivered to Shandong Rizhao base in July. The two parties give full play to the core advantages of Jiutianfei Academy and Sunward Aviation in 141 aviation school training, aircraft R&D and manufacturing, aiming at China General Aviation’s future private flight, entertainment flight and other potential markets with aviation clubs as the carrier, innovating operation methods, and jointly creating A new model for general aviation development.


After the signing of the agreement, the two parties will reach an agreement on the construction of the Shanhe SA60L aircraft reassembly line in Shandong and the cooperation of 141 aviation school training models. In the future, the two parties will form a project team to accelerate the promotion and implementation of the project!

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