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Chen Fei, Vice Governor of Hunan Provincial People's Government, investigates Sunward Aviation Industry


On July 27, 2020, Chen Fei, Vice Governor of Hunan Provincial People's Government, and his delegation from the provincial development and reform, science and technology, industry and information technology, and financial departments visited Hunan Sunward Technology Co., Ltd. for in-depth company investigation and investigation. Zhuzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary and Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee Director Mao Tengfei, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Mayor Yang Weiguo accompanied the investigation. He Qinghua, Chairman of Sunward Intelligent, and Senior Consultant Yi Yuxin attended the symposium, and General Manager Zou Xiangfu of Sunward made a special report.




(Vice Governor Chen Fei understands Shanhe series of drones)

During the investigation, Vice Governor Chen Fei successively visited the assembly workshop and finished product workshop of Shanhe SA60L manned light sport aircraft, and the assembly workshop of Shanhe SUH50 Feiyue unmanned helicopter and multi-rotor drone. At the same time, Vice Governor Chen Fei visited The on-site staff of Sunward Technology understand the application degree, effect and future development direction of Sunward Airlines' various products in the actual field. Go deep into the composite material production workshop of Sunward Technology to understand the technological process and technical difficulties of composite materials in the production of Sunward aircraft parts.


(Professor He Qinghua introduced the composite materials used by Sunward Aviation to Vice Governor Chen Fei)


(Vice Governor Chen Fei has an in-depth understanding of the manufacturing process of Shanhe SA60L aircraft)

Subsequently, Vice Governor Chen Fei organized relevant provincial and municipal leaders, departments, and heads of Zhuzhou aviation industry related enterprises to have a discussion at Sunward Technology, and listened carefully to the report on the joint development project of Sunward Aviation multi-purpose light transport aircraft. China Aviation Development Hunan Power Machinery The research institute and the China Aviation Development South Industries Co., Ltd. report on the engine supporting the project. The Sunward Aviation multi-purpose light transport aircraft joint development project will be able to meet the huge application needs of the market, fill the gap in my country's high-performance light transport aircraft products, and is of great significance to Hunan's construction of China's light transport aircraft industrialization base.

Chen Fei pointed out that Zhuzhou has an industrial foundation and technological advantages. Enterprises and local governments must gather strength to jointly promote the Sunward Intelligent Multi-purpose Light Transport Project. The Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Department of Industry and Information Technology, and the Department of Science and Technology should provide strong support in project establishment and scientific research. The Zhuzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government shall strengthen communication and connection with enterprises, actively coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems in project promotion, and provide support in terms of project land, supporting facilities, funds and other aspects. It is necessary to seize opportunities, accelerate project promotion, further improve the industrial chain, and promote the development of industrial clusters.



(Chen Fei, Vice Governor of Hunan Provincial People's Government)

Mao Tengfei, secretary of the Zhuzhou Municipal Party Committee, said that the accurate positioning of the Sunward Aviation multi-purpose light transport aircraft joint development project is of great significance for Hunan's building of a world-class industrial cluster of small and medium aero engines and Zhuzhou's building of China's Power Valley. Zhuzhou has obvious advantages. It has both complete machine manufacturing enterprises and small and medium-sized aero engine R&D and manufacturing capabilities. Zhuzhou will provide services and fully support project construction.


(Mao Tengfei, Secretary of Zhuzhou Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress)



(Yang Weiguo, Deputy Secretary of Zhuzhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor)


(He Qinghua, Chairman of Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group)



He Qinghua, chairman of Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group, expressed his gratitude to the provincial party committee and government for their strong support to Sunward’s aviation industry. Private enterprises still need to “travel long distances” to develop general aviation, but we will definitely live up to expectations. Continue to strive to improve research and development capabilities, enrich product categories, and contribute to the development of the country's general aviation industry!

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