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New development of integration of industry and education, school-enterprise cooperation creates the future


On July 4, 2020, the signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation of production-education integration between Hunan Sunward Technology Co., Ltd. and Hunan General Aviation Technical School and the launch conference of Sunward Lefei Aviation Research Base were held at Sunward Aviation's Zhuzhou Aviation Industry Base. Zou Xiangfu, general manager of Hunan Sunward Technology Co., Ltd., Yu Miao, principal of Hunan General Aviation Technical School, and Jing Yu, general manager of Zhuzhou Sunward Education Technology Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony.



In recent years, with the continuous opening of low-altitude airspace and the further improvement of general aviation policies, the general aviation industry in Hunan has developed rapidly. Hunan has a large number of general aviation companies, a large market, sufficient stamina and abundant airspace resources, and the prospects are promising. However, at present, there is a shortage of various general aviation talents such as pilots, maintenance personnel, and air traffic control personnel. However, the current aviation vocational education, especially the vocational education in the general aviation field, has not been professionalized and standardized, and is in the initial stage of development, which has caused the entire aviation vocational education industry to appear uneven. This strategic cooperation is an important measure to deepen school-enterprise linkage and promote the reform of talent training. The two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in the areas of professionalism, professional competence, vocational qualification certification, internship training, etc. for technical talents, platform management and service talents required by general aviation airports to cultivate professionals in the general aviation industry.





Sunward Lefei Aviation Research Base is a new brand of aviation research and technology education jointly established by Sunward Technology and Guangzhou Lefei. The base will rely on Sunward Aviation's industrial advantages and Lefei's many years of research experience to build a national aviation research and learning base that is unique, distinctive and entertaining in China. Shanhe Lefei will promote the concept of serving the country by aviation and make aviation knowledge younger and more popular. Build "Shanhe Lefei" into a brand with "future-oriented ideas, rich and comprehensive scientific and technological connotations, a clear-cut national defense awareness, and participation in implementation methods" and other brand characteristics, with "provincial and municipal first-class, nationally renowned" influence Comprehensive practice activity curriculum research base for primary and secondary schools.


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