Feiyue Unmanned Helicopter

Product description

The Sunward SUH-50 "Feiyue" unmanned helicopter is a multi-functional autonomous drone system; the maximum take-off weight is 100kg, the empty aircraft weight is 65kg, the rated load is 25kg, the maximum load is 35kg, and it can last for 3 hours with a standard load of 25kg. The flight radius is 70km, and the maximum flight altitude is 2000 meters. It has the functions of fully autonomous take-off and landing and route flight. It is equipped with various professional customized loads such as photoelectric pod, lidar, SAR radar, emergency transportation thrower, etc., which can be widely used in air reconnaissance, Aviation aerial survey, aerial geophysical prospecting, border patrol, emergency rescue and other fields.

Product parameter

Basic take-off weight

100 kg

Maximum flying altitude

2000 m

Empty weight

65 kg

Engine power

36 HP/7500 RPM

Maximum load capacity

35 kg

Engine fuel consumption

5 kg/h

specified load

25 kg

Fuel oil

95 #gasoline

Rated load life

3 h

Aircraft size (length * width * height)

2900×900×1000 mm

Economic cruising speed

60 km/h

Product advantages

  • Autonomous technology

    Autonomous flight control system has fully autonomous hovering, take-off and landing and route flight capabilities, and supports one-key return to home; the flight control system uses differential positioning GPS system to provide centimeter-level positioning accuracy to ensure flight control accuracy;

  • Safety first

    Autonomous flight control technology, the flight control system provides status monitoring function, has active emergency response function under abnormal conditions such as loss of connection, abnormal engine, low fuel level, and intelligent self-check function of the aircraft;

  • Adaptable

    The working environment temperature range is -20°C to 55°C. The radiator fan, thermostat and other temperature adjustment equipment are installed to ensure that the engine can work normally in the high-cold and high-temperature environment; the flight control system ensures the response speed and control accuracy, so as to ensure that the aircraft is It can take off and land normally in the 6th wind condition;

  • Seiko quality

    Product design, manufacturing, and quality management strictly implement the AS9100D quality management system, ISO14001-2015 environmental management system, and OHSAS18001-2007 occupational health and safety management system standards, and accept civil aviation quality system supervision. Customer case

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