Thunder Multi-rotor UAV

Product description

Sunward "Thunder" UAV is an overall UAV solution developed by Sunward Technology for on-site reconnaissance, real-time monitoring, command and dispatch, emergency rescue, emergency evacuation and other fields; it has been equipped with public security, fire protection and other departments in batches, with multiple loads It can be widely used in the fields of armed police fire protection, traffic picketing, criminal investigation and anti-narcotics, border patrol, power line patrol, landform surveying and mapping.

Features: ultra-long endurance; large load capacity, multiple mission loads; rapid disassembly and deployment; multiple redundant protection; simple and convenient operation; aviation quality.

Product parameter

Empty weight

10500g without battery and load

Maximum load


Maximum take-off weight



1. The endurance time is 40 minutes with a load of 7000g 2. The endurance time is 70 minutes under no load hovering time

Storage size

0.8m×0.7m×1.2 m




UAV deployment and launch time: ≤3 minutes

Maximum flight speed

≥15 m/s;

Lifting speed

≥4 m/s

Flying height


Working temperature

-10°C to 50°C;

Wind resistance

Level 6

power system

Lithium polymer battery: 22Ah×4;

Operating radius

Flight radius: ≥5000m;

Water resistance

Use rainproof design, flying in moderate rain environment;

Body protection level

Up to IP54;

Package Design

Air transport case with waterproof, dustproof and shockproof functions;

Mount design reserved

Modular expansion can be carried out according to customer needs, with equipment such as mounted tilt camera, multi-spectral camera, lidar, etc.

Product advantages

  • Strong endurance

    The maximum battery life can be up to 70 minutes without load; the maximum battery life under 5 kg load is no less than 50 minutes;

  • Safety first

    Autonomous flight control technology, key components adopt full redundancy design; use six-rotor design, which can realize safe landing in the case of single motor or propeller failure; adopt three-redundant flight control system, with automatic return to flight out of control, protection against power shortage, and protection against propeller failure Features such as dual battery power supply system, which can achieve safe take-off and landing in the event of a single battery failure; core power components such as motors, propellers, and ESCs all use high-end brand components to provide ultimate safety;

  • Ease of use

    Provides a variety of ground station solutions such as display and control integrated ground station, with route planning and autonomous/semi-autonomous flight capabilities, equipped with high-definition digital image transmission and 4G transmission modules, which can realize real-time monitoring of flight parameters, location information, and video information. And seamlessly dock the command system;

  • Multifunctional

    Equipped with a 30x zoom high-definition camera system to accurately capture the details of the picture such as license plates and facial features; equipped with a multi-load quick-change mechanism, which can be equipped with aerial photography, infrared, propaganda, drop objects, gas detection, multi-spectral cameras, lidar, cesium light pump A variety of loads such as aeromagnetic detectors can meet the needs of users for multi-purpose and personalized operations;

Seiko quality

Product design, manufacturing, and quality management strictly implement the AS9100D quality management system, ISO14001-2015 environmental management system, and OHSAS18001-2007 occupational health and safety management system standards, and accept civil aviation quality system supervision. Customer cases: Jishou Public Security, Zhuzhou Public Security, Changsha Fire, Wuhan Tianyan. Canada Arola Company and so on.

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