Cloud Wing Multi-rotor UAV

Product description

The Sunward “Yunyi” multi-rotor UAV is designed and manufactured in accordance with aviation quality standards and is subject to civil aviation quality system supervision; the system can be folded and packaged and carried by a single person. The maximum load capacity of the aircraft can reach 7KG, which effectively takes into account portability, safety and load. Ability, the system is currently in batches with public security, fire protection and other departments Widely used in armed police fire protection; border patrol; criminal investigation and anti-drug; landform surveying and mapping; film and television shooting; power line patrol; geological and mineral exploration; traffic picketing

Features: strong load capacity; strong endurance; ultimate safety guarantee; good portability; quick release structure frame; precision quality; multi-function; strong ease of use.

Product parameter

Expanded body size


Flying height


Body size


Measurement and control distance


Maximum take-off weight

17.2 kg

Image transmission distance


Empty weight

12.2 kg

Average takeoff preparation time


Maximum load


Use environment


Maximum battery life

45 min (no load); 35 min (mount camera gimbal)

Product advantages

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